Ambience - Valsorda Hotel Ristorante - Forno di Moena - Dolomiti - Trentino

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Alpine tradition, warmth and hospitality blend with our environment. The bar is near the hall, where its charming ceramic wood-burning stove faces the entrance to the hotel. Close to it there is the living-room / TV room, ideal to have a nice time with friends. Outside the peace and the tranquillity are surrounded by woods and meadows which highlight the folk houses of the village of Forno, dominated by the peaks of Latemar with the beautiful Lastei of Valsorda which start exactly from Forno. Next to the hotel you can also listen to the relaxing sound of the water flowing in the nearby Avisio river which is skirted by the pedestrian-cycle track, also used for the famous Marcialonga race.
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